Morose meanderings:

3 min readMar 17, 2021


In the more than twenty years between Marcos and Duterte, where has our country gone? Everywhere around us the world has changed. Meanwhile, here in the Philippines, we are perpetually stuck in the “kilig” and drama of telenovelas, and the promise of easy money from noontime shows.

The covid crisis and the eventual vanity of vaccine authority, is showered with solutions out of a lobotomized thesaurus. Granular, special concern, modified, enhanced, blah blah blah — to address the surge, spike, wave, more blah blah blah.

Our shatteringly vulgar and worthless supreme leader, leading a shatteringly vulgar and worthless cabinet, entombed in a bottomless echo chamber, surrounded by mindless broadcast parrots.

These so-called journalists beg to be persecuted because the news is never enough about them — motivated by their hunger for more attention. Here freedom of the press is always about the press, and never about the freedom.

Our news media is all about people who aren’t journalists: people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t think, for the benefit of people who can’t read.

The Senate, our legislative branch of government, are so jealous of the judicial branch, that they waste our hard-earned taxpayer-money on mock trials where they can play judge, jury, and executioner. They appear to be living their Game of Thrones character aspirations — pleased with performing in front of no audience but themselves.

Where after two decades, we finally have the promise of the possibility of maybe achieving 2G internet speeds; while the world has set its sights on 6G and beyond.

Where more of those in the legal profession have been killed, extra-judicially, just during this administration, as compared to all the deaths from all those years from Marcos to P-Noy combined.

The foreboding uncertainty of the future that awaits our society’s youth, our children, and our newborns, is a deafening void — perpetually stuck in the groundhog day of the 70’s. Do you know what dogs do to lampposts? That is what this government is doing to its people.

They say, “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to be prepared to do something you’ve never done.”

Yet, we have just celebrated 500 years of Christianity! Yay? We are a people who love to quote the Bible, but could not be bothered to actually read it.

We ponder, argue, and debate… on where that first mass was held. Perhaps to distract: from the murders, the graft, the corruption, the evil, that surrounds us. Are we cursed to witness another 500 years of the same? It has all been one small step for nobody, and one giant leap for a flea.

Ours is not a history to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force! Away from our shared consciousness, so as to open our eyes to a radically different future.

I look forward to the end of this nightmare — I long for the day where I won’t be around to bear witness to this over, and over, and over, again.