1 min readJul 15, 2019


Three dozen thoughts clouding my brain,

The sun in the distance, shrouded by rain.

Got to be busy! Got to get going!

A post-workout meal, after gym this morning.

Rushed to the florist, rushed off to work!

Turn on the computer, print that report!

Straining to forget, ghosts from the past,

with every new task, some progress at last!

Log on to the net, “You’ve got mail!”

Replying hastily, then my emails set sail…

Watching the progress bar on the screen,

an idle moment. No! The devil’s beckoning!

Stepped out for a smoke, made a phone call

anything to keep my mind off it all!

Text message here! Text message there!

Fumbling with the keypad, typing in despair.

Got to be busy! Got to get going!

Got to get my mind off this longing!

What to do next? What’s on the agenda?

Gorging on chocolates, to keep my mind off ‘ya!

Surfing the net, in between crunchy bites.

Diet soda, plus a dozen boiled egg whites!

What else to do? Got time to kill!

Better just pop in a sleeping pill.


Donato R. Vytiaco

07 June 2000 @ 5:11pm