An Ode to my Father

1 min readAug 28, 2019


47 years you’ve been here

in my lifetime out of your 85.

Nary a day without you near

my mind, my heart, or by my side.

Never too far to talk to,

never beyond our reach.

All my life I’ve looked up to you,

all your life you never tired to teach.

Though your incessant stories,

told over and over and over.

Since my youth to my forties,

I might’ve tired hearing as I got older.

Our incessant bickering

and countless, endless arguments;

are found humorous by those watching -

a mirror of twins with identical temperaments.

I would trade all the riches you left me

for another day… hour… minute perhaps.

Another chance to open my eyes and see,

your curious wonder over time passed.

And on that hour as the world slept

in that 3am’s darkest of night.

When I fought to stay awake and wept,

as your heart beat its last fight.


Donato R. Vytiaco